May 21st, 2008

christmas 2008

what's crackin', fools?

Here's some more stuff not directly related to the homecoming, about which I wrote this afternoon.

I was checking out the blog of News 12 Long Island anchor - and tfo-certified HOT PIECE - Lauren Sivan, and read a post about a recent gaffe by longtime WNBC/4 anchor Sue Simmons. I broke down laughing after viewing this clip, of Sue's F-up (pun very much intended) and subsequent apology. I was very surprised to see her do that; I've always been a loyal Channel 4 viewer, and never have known her to be unprofessional. These days, however, I mostly watch News 12 when I seek updates on the happenings in my ancestral home. This is due pretty much solely to this information, conveyed to me over MySpace by Ryan a year and a half ago:
i was waiting to pick up my office's pizza this afternoon and the restaurant had the TV on to News12, and I practically did a double take. Apparantly this really hot jock-girl we used to go to school w/ named [redacted] is an effing reporter on the news now. Wow. Talk about your all-time mind fucks. Was def not expecting that! Immediately conjured mental images of Veronica Corningstone, needless to say. :)
Once I'd watched some footage of this fellow Northporter, it was clear her skills on the television matched her skills on the basketball court. I haven't seen her on News 12 recently, so I'm not sure if she's still with them or not. As for Lauren, her blog is now entrenched in my Google Reader, and her presence ensures my continued viewership of News 12 for at least as long as she's employed there. Even if you're not within viewing range of her, read her blog anyway (feed), for this lady can write.

Two nights ago I watched the Mets pummel the Yankees 11-2, taking the second of the two games the teams actually played last weekend. The umpires incorrectly ruled Carlos Delgado's fourth-inning three-run home run to be a foul ball, but the Amazins wouldn't be denied. Despite barely holding above .500, the Mets, are only two and a half games out of the lead in the National League East. I'm further comforted by the fact that 119/162 = 73.5% of the season remaining to be played. The Mets are the only one of my teams currently playing, so I'll move on to the ongoing playoffs in other sports. I'm psyched about the Penguins v. Red Wings matchup in the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals. Lots of great players, especially Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin for Pittsburgh, and Chris Osgood and Johan Franzen (?) for Detroit. But the biggest thing about this series for me is getting to see two great hockey towns and two classic arenas. Having the NHL's showcase event at The Igloo and The Joe is something I'm looking forward to immensely. As for the NBA, could they have asked for two better matchups in the conference finals? The quartet of Celtics, Pistons, Lakers and Spurs in the last four has garnered and will hold my attention - and I'm not normally a big basketball fan. Tonight also saw the NBA's annual Draft Lottery; the Knicks came away with the sixth pick. While I like the selection of Mike D'Antoni to be their next head coach, it's not nearly enough to revive my interest in this totally moribund franchise. As the playoffs wind down in the North American sports, the UEFA Champions League reaches an historic conclusion tomorrow night (afternoon here on the U. S. east coast) in Moscow. For the first time, two English clubs, Manchester United and Chelsea, will face off for the right to be known as champion club of all Europe. The fact that such a multi-national playoff even exists is cool. It, along with the concept of promotion and relegation, gives international soccer an interesting dimension not seen on this continent.

And finally, some live, local, and late-breaking news. The school budget passed, and the two candidates I wanted to see win went down. We'll likely see a return to full-throttle tax-and-spend policies in my school district. And only two hours after I wrote my last post, my brother broke the news exclusively to me that he'd scrapped his move to North Carolina (he later told Dad, who then told Mom). Boy, I'm a fool now, aren't I?
christmas 2008

I don't need LeVar Burton... give you my own little "Reading Rainbow." I'm taking some time out tonight to talk about the blogs I read. They're aggregated by the most excellent Google Reader application. I choose the day for this entry because it was seven years ago today that the first posts went up on this blog, then simply "my journal." I was still a college sophomore, 9/11 hadn't happened yet, and I was most concerned with the sports programming lineup on WVBR. It's been a long winding road to get to the tfo that you read today. So here's what else I read, and why I do so:
  • I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell - the production blog for Tucker Max's movie, based on his book of the same name. A really insightful look into the process of makign an independent movie. Tucker and Nils also explore and excoriate the cutthroat nature of Hollywood.
  • The Bunny Blog - the tale of an itinerant bisexual artist (and prolific graphic designer).
  • - a devastatingly witty writer and native of Portsmouth, NH, from which I recently departed.
  • - one of Tucker's associates, who writes deeply profound items at a level far above his age.
  • RazzyBlog - I said everything I needed to about this glorious collection of bytes back on April 15. I rest easy knowing what my face will be rocked off on a daily basis.
  • Insyde Taryn Blog - porn star Taryn Thomas writes on what it's like to be in that industry, weight loss, and her disc jockeying engagement six months hence.
  • Cato-at-liberty - the official blog of the Cato Institute, the hottest think tank in all the land. This is the most often updated of all the blogs I read.
  • Cato Unbound - Cato's "online magazine," featuring a monthly reform proposal and several essays in response.
  • - dispatches from USS Shiloh (CG 67), forward deployed in Japan. Jim joins me in railing against the injustices the Seagoing Military Force foists upon its Sailors.
  • The Stupid Shall Be Punished - a retired submarine officer's take on the world of the undersea vessels, among other things (including the juicy Idaho political situation).
  • Ultraquiet No More - a group blog featuring contributions from many U. S. and A. submariners past and present.
  • Lauren Sivan's blog - the most recent addition to the Reader; I spent a couple of paragraphs last night talking about why I now keep up with this News 12 anchor.
  • Erin Kella - a chance encounter on the Rudius Media Message Board brought me into contact with this interesting read, from a senior at the University of Mary Washington in Virginia.
  • Tasty Blog Snack - has it really been nine months since I mentioned iJustine, shortly after her 300 page iPhone bill? She'll live forever - as into the wired world as she is, she'll get a robot body built to have her brain and memory engrams preserved.
  • IvyGate - the blog that irreverantly covers eight of the nation's most prestigious schools. It led the coverage of the Aleksey Vayner saga in 2006, and it introduced me to the aforementioned RazzyBlog two months ago.
You now have all the tools you need to enhance your mind and take the breadth of your knowledge to another level. I'm glad I could provide this frickin' public service.
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