July 5th, 2008

christmas 2008

oh, I'll play your game, you rogue...

So upon resurfacing, I found out I was "tagged" by a reader of this blog. Normally, I don't like memes, but I'm gonna bite on this one. I don't have seven LJ users to send this to, but I'll answer the questions.

  1. I'm an overall picky eater, but two things that have pretty much always been off-limits are bananas and scrambled eggs. My mom can regale you with stories of a two-year-old Matt sitting in the high chair spitting out food.
  2. I am very selective about headphones. I use the Sony MDR-G42, due to both the superior sound quality and the behind-the-head setup. I'm actually on my second pair of them. I tried a different kind, but discarded them after one listen.
  3. I'm not a big dog person. I believe this to be a learned behavior. When I was little, my parents had a very large dog. I seem to recall this dog knocking me down multiple times.
  4. I am a huge Tour de France fan; this goes back almost two decades, long before Lance Armstrong started representing at the world's biggest annual sports event.
  5. As a child, my dream job was...well, the one people competed for on the series Dream Job: anchor on SportsCenter. This was thoroughly dispelled after I did some sports radio in college.
  6. According to my mom, I was reading at the tender age of eighteen months.
  7. Lastly, it seems appropriate that I mention that I'm a sucker for redheads. It might be the Irish in me that makes me find them deadly attractive. yeah yeah!
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