July 30th, 2008

christmas 2008

Battletoads...for realz!

With the possibility of having to redo my blood work tomorrow morning (translation: nothing but water goes in for at least twelve hours prior), it's been an especially boring night. Then J. Raymond comes along and saves. The last link is very NSFW:

J. Raymond: http://www.battletoadsmovie.com/
J. Raymond: Victory.
Carbs: seriously? edited by the guy who did the virginia tech massacre?
J. Raymond: lol
J. Raymond: lmao
J. Raymond: look at who the screenplay is by
Carbs: who put up the money...the church of scientology?
J. Raymond: produced by L. Ron Hubbard
Carbs: exactly!
J. Raymond: Fucking great
J. Raymond: Music by Tay Zonday :P
Carbs: and gary glitter? he's only IN A VIETNAMESE PRISON on child sex charges: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Glitter
J. Raymond: It's party of a meme on 4 chan
J. Raymond: everyone keeps calling gamespot asking for battletoads
Carbs: is there video?
J. Raymond: http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Battletoads
J. Raymond: lmao
J. Raymond: Wise Beard Man
J. Raymond: ED is the source of lulz.
Carbs: sorry dude, i had to stop the video...rofl X 32748932
J. Raymond: which video?
Carbs: the one with the gamestop on the front
J. Raymond: best site evar
Carbs: EVAR
J. Raymond: http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Hentai
J. Raymond: trust me
J. Raymond: hilarious
J. Raymond: click the first video
Carbs: oh. MY. GOD.
J. Raymond: the bestest
Carbs: I just added the ED page to my facebook

There's been talk of Encyclopedia Dramatica around the boat at various times, but this seals it as an addition to my regular rotation. LULZ 4 ALL!
christmas 2008

Still fit for full duty...

...unfortunately. No medical disqual for me. A couple of other things to come out of this morning's physical:

  1. My cholesterol numbers were slightly blown out of proportion when first told to me. They're bad, but in comparison to 2003, they're actually an improvement.
  2. The blood work that I was told might be done will in fact happen...in six months. I went hungry all of last night for NOTHING!
  3. As you might expect, I was told I need to exercise more. The doctor termed this "therapeutic lifestyle modification." Stop already with the buzzwords! It's good that he explained exactly what this meant before using the term; had he not, I would have interpreted it using my normal thought process, and he would have been telling me I need to get laid more. (Which in my case means get laid, period.) This term isn't as bad as "administrative deliverables," which had been floating around the boat last month.
The Onion Movie: see it. Exceeded both my expectations and the hype generated by my co-workers.

"Operation Baseball" continues tonight in the west end of Boston. The timing couldn't be better, as Mark Teixiera debuts for the Angels at Fenway this evening. The challenge is, of course, to ensure the Nation doesn't tear me to shreds should my true allegiance be uncovered.