September 28th, 2008

christmas 2008

What year is it, and where am I?

I think it's 2008, and I'm in New London...but from what I just saw, I might have shifted a year into the past and a hundred and fifty miles to the north. Yesterday, Johan Santana rolled out on three days rest and delivered just what the Mets pay him a king's ransom for - a three hit complete game shutout. They were tied with the Brewers for the wild card heading into the last day. And they couldn't get it done, while Milwaukee defeated the Cubs. And so once again, the Amazin's are on the outside of the playoffs looking in. As great as Santana was, his gem couldn't overcome the lack of bullpen.

We thought that despite the ceremony attendant on this afternoon's game, there'd be at least one (if not more) at Shea...but not so much. The park's closing ceremonies were wonderful. Seeing all those greats touch home plate again, the pitch from Seaver to Piazza, and all those memories relived. Especially Game Six (just before the five minute mark). But the best part was after that last pitch, as Piazza and Seaver walked out through the center field wall, the rest of the returning players went into the stands and mingled with the fans. They knew that without the supporters, these baseball games aren't "Major League". I'm going to miss Shea, but Citi Field will soon be ready to house a whole new generation of great moments. Hopefully the change of venue is accompanied by a change in late season fortune!
christmas 2008


Last night, we had a going-away party for four colleagues who recently departed the Submersible Death Trap. There were two main rules: one, togas had to be worn, and two, the vessel of consumption had to be something not designed to hold a drink. As you can see above, I adhered to both those rules; both my presence and my flower pot were well received. I needed some electrical tape to seal up the four holes in the bottom, and it served its purpose well. The most innovative container was a hollowed-out watermelon. There was a gas can, a hub cap, a boot, a road cone. The party was mostly populated by those from the forward end; CornFed (who drank from a flashlight) and I were the only nukes there.

Normally, I avoid gatherings of my co-workers. I explained this a bit last December, but this time was different; it wasn't a boat-sponsored event, and thus there might have been a chance to end the "interminable streak." Of course, I failed at this pursuit. At least one person cashed in, and others may have as well. I kept the alcohol level in check, and I'm glad I did; one man went overboard, and had to be dealt with. I had a good time, and I got a fine new picture for my MySpace and Facebook profiles.
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