January 27th, 2009

The die is cast...

Just before 8:00 p.m., I electronically transmitted my application for admission to Stony Brook University this fall. After having constantly reminded myself to take care of this for months, I finally have removed the gorilla from my back, and a (hopefully short) waiting game now commences. That being said, waiting games aren't a problem for me - after all, I serve in reactor control division on a fast-attack submarine of the United States Navy.

The process was remarkably simple. It took less than forty-five minutes to take the application from start to finish. The ease of applying was in much contrast to when I went through this process ten years ago, and had to cull together letters of recommendation, essays, and standardized test scores, and then hand them all off to my school's guidance counselors to be processed. The only supplementary documentation this time around was a transcript from Cornell, and that was requested five minutes after the application was sent off. The worst part was having to go back and look at the grades from my final two semesters on the East Hill, the ones after my mind had gone to all stop. And I once again proved my brain to be a steel trap for random information - without missing a beat, I remembered the six-digit College Board code for Northport High School.

On top of that, I straightened out some stuff with the cable company, got ready to send back a book to Amazon, and ran three and a quarter miles. Un día más productivo, if I do say so myself - especially for day after duty. I still have to finish up the taxes, but I'm almost there on that.