February 14th, 2009

christmas 2008

stuff dump

So, first I was going to travel to Halifax during the leave period (that starts in less than thirty-six hours, mind you). Then I began planning for a weekend in Atlanta. And the final verdict is...nowhere! Ultimately, I concluded that it wasn't worth the flight/gas and hotel costs to make either trip. So I'll just stay up here, and split the eleven days between the Armpit and my ancestral home. One certainty is that I'll hit Ready In 10's show in Rhode Island on Friday night.

Speaking of Long Island, something happened tonight that made me most grateful that I intend to move back there soon. I grabbed dinner from Burger King, and as is the case everywhere except New York City and its surroundings, I asked for the mustard to be held on my burgers. I grew up without the yellow stuff on my favorite food, and have never warmed to the taste. Apparently, the drive-thru crew failed to read the directive clearly stated on the order confirmation screen, because I got home and found stinkin' mustard! Fortunately, being at home, I did not have to contend with such things as "social graces"; I simply wiped off as much of it as I could, and then doused the burgers in glorious ketchup to hide the rest.

I was trying to write a post solely dedicated to the "octo-mom," but most everything that needs to be said has been already. I agree with the general run of opinion, that this was an irresponsible act. She says she wants a big family...how does six children not qualify? And given that she's a single mother, she'll have to give them a lot more than love, and stopping her life for them probably ain't the best course of action. Of course, Ms. Suleman won't be raising her brood on her own - she'll have the extracted assistance of Mr. John Q. Taxpayer! Two days ago, Michael Cannon explained far better than I can why this is so ominous. And Peggy Noonan pointedly wonders if this is a clarion sign of the way we're heading.

Cornell hockey is now on a 2-5-1 run after a 13-1-3 start. Not good...but then again, that still adds up to 15-6-4 (and they've only dropped to third in the conference). The Big Red, in less than half as many games, has only one win less than the Islanders.

Happy Valentine's Day - even though I'm spending yet another on my own, it's no cause for complaint or concern.