February 28th, 2009

christmas 2008

Times seem to have changed...

I know, from firsthand experience, that Cornell is a stressful place. But never in my time there did I read anything like what I just saw at the Cornell Daily Sun's website:

Ithaca SWAT Breaks into Linden Ave. Apartment

Wow...and I spent a not-insignificant amount of time on the 200 block of Linden during my first year in Ithaca.

Continuing on the CU tip, the Big Red pulled out a nice comeback win in Providence this evening to take the second seed in the ECAC playoffs. Despite the win, you can bet your butt I was cursing the fact that I didn't make the drive up.

(Edit, 0040R, 1 March: The most unbelievable thing about the story above may well be the very fact that Ithaca, New York has a Special Weapons and Tactics squad.)