March 10th, 2009

the Trooper kicks it up a notch...

I knew well beforehand that yesterday would be a long day at the "office." It certainly didn't help that I tossed and turned for hours Sunday night. When I awoke at 0415 Monday, I did my normal morning stuff and left. What was not normal was the Blue Trooper showing unexpected dashboard lights, sputtering, and finally refusing to start on the on-ramp to I-95. It was cold and rainy...but I was thankful I'd joined AAA two months ago, as not only could I easily get a tow, it didn't cost me anything. Most of the speculation on the cause of the car's trip to the disabled list centered on the alternator. When it came time to enter the box just after lunch, I hadn't heard anything. That word wouldn't come for another three hours, and it only reached me because I gave the repair guy the boat's number the last time I was there (three months ago, when the starter died). Sure enough, it was the alternator. Not until 1700 was I able to get a quick relief and talk to the shop - and that was just as much due to the fact that I had to piss like a racehorse. The giant upshot of all this was that barely an hour after that, I drove my car away - back to the Submersible Death Trap, of course, only to be told I was done for the day.

I picked up dinner on the way home, and after eating, I laid down. Just after eight, I tilted my head back. Next thing I know, it's half past nine, a completely different show is on CNN, and I'm debating the merits of trying to do some stuff. I find them lacking, and thus return to sleep, which was very much on-again, off-again for another seven hours.

Today was nearly as long. And as usual, much of it was spent trying to kill time and stay alert as the processes of the evolution carried on around me. But of course, it all falls by the wayside once I leave that place. This is, after all, the homestretch. At least in the very near future, if I have to be up that long, there'll be some sort of intellectual stimulation present to drive me forward.