October 26th, 2009

christmas 2008

Screw 2012...

...for those of us (mis)fortunate to be Mets fans, the apocalypse is upon us here and now.

That wonderful "art"work come to us courtesy of the fine folks over at Amazin' Avenue.

I was compelled to email The Sports Guy my thoughts:
I am a Mets fan. I also used to serve on a U. S. Navy submarine. After the Yankees clinched last night, I thought about inquiring with my former co-workers to see if it's too late to get a cruise missile strike on Yankee Stadium during Game 1.
The Phillies may be divisional rivals, but the antipathy just isn't there. I'll be behind them in this matchup, for 423,500,000 different reasons. Throw in Series debutante A-Rod, and that jumps to a smidge under 700 million. I feel pretty confident that we'll get a well played Series, regardless of who wins.

One more thing, courtesy of Jacob. The best Yankees blog out there, without question, is IT IS HIGH, IT IS FAR, IT IS... caught. When you get into charts and graphs to describe the power and girth of Sterling's "WinWarbles," it's clearly a sign of solid effort from dedicated fans. Worthy of recognition, even if their devotion is to baseball's "dark side," and thus sorely misplaced.