January 15th, 2010


I've mentioned here a time or two before that I can occasionally be swayed by musicians who, being otherwise untalented, push out some catchy beats. In the recent past alone, I have fallen victim to the "stylings" of Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and Lady Gaga. And now? It's Ke$ha, and her current hit "Tik Tok." Only a couple of days ago did I first catch a glimpse of this young lady's appearance. Let's just say that, having based my assumption on the fact that she rose to noteworthiness by recording with Flo Rida, I was quite surprised. And I certainly take note of the substitution of a punctuation mark into her name. The addition of the dollar sign seems to serve the same function as the trailing 'w' in the moniker "J-Woww" - to signify her "player status."

Speaking of J-Woww (yes, I must continue to do so), I discovered a couple of notable things about Long Island's contribution to MTV's latest train wreck. First, this picture. Second, was she Manny Ramirez's source for performance-enhancing drugs? Somehow, I stumbled onto the fact that Ms. Farley sells drops of human chorionic gonadotropin as a weight loss option, the very same female hormone for which Manny was unable to be Manny for nearly a third of last season.

J-Woww and her six compatriots in crime trash have captivated the nation, and I'm sure many will give thanks than their televised adventure will come to an end in less than a week. Can such a scourge be countered? Why yes, it can - and for this, we turn to none other than the Piano Woman herself. Yesterday brought word that Sara Bareilles recorded a special Christmas song inspired by "Jersey Shore." Here it is … please excuse all small children from the room before watching this. It's pure magic … let's just hope Sara hasn't created a situation for herself by breaking this out.

And speaking of situations, it's just about 11:35 here in time zone "R"; it's therefore time to flip to channel four for Conan's nightly savagery of NBC.