January 22nd, 2010

Sorority rush on the East Hill: completely different, but somehow familiar...

There's an ongoing disaster in Haiti. Health care reform may soon be headed to its proper final resting place - the tenth circle of Hell. But I still feel the need to inform you about some hilarious revelations from Cornell's sorority rush process, and specifically, its chapter of Pi Beta Phi.

IvyGate started this on Tuesday, snarkily noting "the fact that Ivy League students are given guides for how to get dressed in the morning." That led to someone anonymously sending them a copy of Pi Phi's recruitment guide, which the site started publishing yesterday, and continued today. In due deference, these rules only apply to one week of the year, and arguably the most important one - in which both the sororities and the ladies rushing them seek to find the best fit for each other.

But that said, it's still utterly ridiculous, and it provokes a brief response from me. These detailed requirements covering what to wear and how to wear it also come with a stern warning:
I'm going to be doing dress checks so have your outfits for each round completely figured out before you get to Ithaca.
Once upon a time, I had to deal with a very similar regime; I certainly have copious experience with "uniform regulations" and "personnel inspections." Combine them with the über-regulated schedule of rush week, and it's almost enough to induce a pang of sympathy for these Greek women...but not quite. For I know better, and though personal familiarity in individual cases has occasionally proved me wrong, this class of women is, by default, batshit insane. Thankfully, two-thirds of Cornell's women are not overcome with this foul affliction.