February 3rd, 2010

I was content to let this sleeping dog lie...

...but if you want to wake it up, I'm game.

Late last week, someone created a new Facebook "fan page," quite pointedly named "691 Sucked Ass." It was clearly intended as a place for those not completely enthralled with the old boat to unite and commiserate, and I became a fan upon first seeing it. There were a couple of interesting topics, and mention was made of another veteran of Memphis who is native to and lives on Long Island.

But problems with this there were. The public nature of the page had two flaws that revealed themselves fairly quickly. First, members of the current crew found the page and had signed on. Second, the chain of command could see it as well - and so a quantity of fecal matter collided with some rotating blades. One officer, whose name and position shall remain unstated here, conjectured that I had founded the group - a claim I emphatically denied.

Quite simply, that is no longer my fight. I'm not interested in stirring the pot of hate among those poor souls left behind on the boat, and I don't think it's my place to push them towards leaving the Navy. There are positives and negatives associated with every ship, and each crew member reacts differently to the submarine environment. That environment may not have been very compatible with me, but that should not be taken as conclusive evidence against anyone else staying in. Besides that, my own bitterness about my experience has subsided a good deal in the nine and a half months since I detached from Memphis. I decided at that time to retire the three-word moniker I had consistently used to refer to the boat. And I derive no benefit from looking backward and stewing over a set of circumstances that no longer affects me. Of course I became a fan of the page - the truth can't be denied. But to think that I keep myself angry about that time is simply hogwash. After all, I got off the boat and out of the Navy - in other words, I won that game.

As for the fate of the page, it seems to have been deleted from Facebook. Just prior to that, there was some talk that the name should be changed. Personally, I think the best course of action would have been to change the name to "691 Was Totally Sunshine and Kittens" for twenty-four hours or so, and then delete it. I may no longer be bitter, but I completely condone sticking it to the man in a manner that would leave no permanent damage.