June 6th, 2011

Cornell, calculus, new LJ app, Stanley Cup Final

A couple of things I left out of my last post, and a few new ones.

Cornell's motto is a quote from its founder, "I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study." One member of the class of 2011 profiled on CU's website truly exemplifies those words. James R. Nault, a former commanding officer of both USS Toledo and Cornell's Naval ROTC unit, received his JD last weekend. Nault made some remarks about how one's opinions of succeeding generations tend to sour as one ages, and that such a view is not necessarily rooted in reality. Though I'm not nearly as far along as Nault, my experience at Hofstra has been similar. It hasn't come up for me all that much, because I don't generally reveal my military past and/or previous collegiate experience, and I look a bit younger than my age. But when it does come out, it has not changed the way people look at me, nor the way I perceive them.

I was surprised to learn recently that the Big Red Marching Band is slated to get its own dedicated practice facility. I do have a slight concern that future generations of freshman bandies will suffer for not being exposed to the current band room on first night, as the temperature rises to approximately 174 degrees. But on the whole, this is a great thing. The announcement notes that annual giving to the band will have to be not only maintained, but expanded. I can imagine the script for next year's phon-a-thon now - "for pennies a day, you can help us erect this building, and alleviate the suffering of bandsmen for generations to come..."

My summer class, calculus three, is proceeding along swimmingly. So far, it's all been stuff that I've seen elsewhere at Hofstra or extensions of basic concepts (function graphing, derivatives, integrals, etc.) into three dimensions. My favorite moment thus far was when the professor was trying to explain "orthogonal," saying that up to three dimensions, it is synonymous with perpendicular. Another student replied, "I don't know what that means," referring to the word "perpendicular." Both the professor and I managed to keep a straight face. The first exam is on Thursday, and it'll be different from many I've taken here. Every engineering course I've taken has allowed some type of assistance - be it a formula sheet provided with the test or produced by the student, or by making the exam open book. Not so in math - everything must be committed to memory, which I don't expect to be a problem.

This afternoon, after class and a haircut, I headed down to the beach for a swim. One other beach patron in particular caught my attention. As I arrived, he was standing near the beach office. He was a bit rotund, and wore only a garment most likely of the Speedo brand. Forty-five minutes later, as I was coming back up to the shower, this gentleman was in approximately the same spot, pacing to and fro. He mentioned to two passing women that his skin had darkened by a decent degree over the course of the day. Speaking of getting some sun, the concept of "laying out" at the beach is pretty much anathema to me. When I get the inclination to lay on my back or in the prone position and do little (if anything), I much prefer to do so with a roof over my head, and possibly some air conditioning. With or without the SPF 50, I'll pass on the increased risk of skin cancer, thank you very much.

I just finished re-typing the last two and a half paragraphs. The latest iteration of the LiveJournal iPad app (released last week) seems to have worked out some bugs, but saving a draft whenever you switch to another app appears to be an outstanding issue.

I discovered the loss of that data after watching a bootleg CBC feed of Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final on my computer. I'm impressed by the fight that the Bruins showed after the two demoralizing losses in Vancouver. My pick of Canucks in five looks a little shaky after seeing what we have to this point.

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