September 21st, 2012

christmas 2008

The upstate so far

Anticipation got the better of me this morning, and I woke up at 4:25 and could not return to sleep. I left Long Island nearly an hour later. As a result of this morning's trip, I now have a better appreciation for my mother's insistence on leaving at seemingly ungodly hours every time she brought me back here to Cornell.

A merry band of five set off from Ithaca on a wine tour, growing to eight as the afternoon wore on. We got in a nice run around the south end of Seneca Lake this afternoon, hitting the following:The consensus was that Lakewood was our favorite of the wineries, and it was the only one from which I bought a bottle. It was there that I also most showed my amateur status in the field of wine consumption. We had two flights to choose from to taste; I was the only one to choose Flight B, which consisted of the semi-sweet and sweet wines.

From then we met the rest of the Bone alumni and undergrads at the Glenwood Pines. Once again, the Pinesburger met and exceeded expectations. I thought about heading to the pep rally up on campus, but between the fatigue and the present rain, remaining ensconced at Hillside for now seems a much better decision. The respite is most necessary, as there are more festivities late tonight ahead of another full day of them tomorrow.