Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Hockey, "Red Hot" and otherwise

As I write this post, I am on an eastbound LIRR train out of New York, having watched Cornell hockey "lose" to Boston University 2-1, in overtime, in the third edition of Red Hot Hockey. The quotations are employed because the circumstances of the result are highly questionable. BU scored its regulation goal on a two-man advantage in which, through my Big Red colored glasses, the second penalty was a phantom one. But this game will be remembered for what happened with exactly four minutes left in the third period. Upon review, Cornell appeared to take the lead, only to have the goal waved off because the official lost sight of the puck. The Lynah Faithful, who comprised about two-thirds of the sellout crowd at Madison Square Garden, left hoping the NYPD would arrest the game officials on grand larceny charges.

It's ironic that the game would turn on a controversial call that was correct by the letter of the rulebook. Today's Islanders-Devils game went to the Isles when New Jersey's presumptive game tying goal with 2.1 seconds left was ruled out. Zach Parise clearly used a distinct kicking motion to put the puck in. Despite the opinions of some commentators, the NHL rule says nothing about that motion needing to be intentional.

The old saying is that you win some, you lose some...but it's weird for them to both be in the realm of hockey and back-to-back. As much as the Cornell loss stings, it was still great to enjoy the company of the Faithful, and to see so many old friends...especially the one who engaged in what might be best termed a "shitshow" after the game, calling the Terriers cheaters and assholes at the top of his lungs. That alone was well worth the price of admission.

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