Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

That escalated quickly! It jumped up a notch!

Over the course of a couple hours this morning, my plans for the next five or six days changed drastically. Or to be more precise, plans now exist where they previously did not.

First, some background. Six weeks ago, I wrote about various job prospects. Two days ago, I mentioned "a couple of recent developments," and that one "[had] the potential to be very good." I was referring to the position I had applied for at a power plant outside Rochester. That application went in back in January, and I'd presumed that it had fallen down into the memory hole. That is...until last Thursday. I got a call from them, and it gets a little complicated here. The company that owns that plant just merged with the company that owns the one in Illinois. That means it's possible that we can't even move forward with this process until the one in Illinois comes to a resolution (and that process is going on five weeks of silence). So that had to be run up the chain of command in Rochester, but it came back with a green light. Then they had to get the scores from the test I took in Illinois (that test is standardized across the nuclear power industry).

All that led to a phone screening this morning, and both they and I are satisfied to the point where they're ready to bring me up there for an on-site interview, which will take place next week. I posted word of this onto Skynet Facebook, along with floating the possibility of swinging the return trip through Ithaca. At this, someone suggested going up there for the weekend and staying until the interview. Then someone else approved of this idea. All right, maybe it might be worth it! That would mean I wouldn't be driving seven hours the day before the interview. I do need to get my hands on a "dream crushing, soul devouring juggernaut" T-shirt, if the Cornell Store still has any of those. So, it seems at this point I'll be on or in the vicinity of East Hill from Saturday through next Tuesday. I'm very excited.

I'm also very excited about something else. You might have guessed it from the title. But in case you didn't, and you didn't see what I tweeted last night, and you didn't catch last night's Conan, behold the majesty which will grace the silver screen in the not too distant future:

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