Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Keeping the feet moving, Part III, supplemental

This afternoon (September 2). Chestnut Circle. I'll not name the address or the person*.

How does one acquire the frame of mind to think it acceptable to pull your large vehicle out of your driveway, idle it perpendicular to traffic, blocking at least seventy percent of the road, leaving just barely enough room for one car to pass at a time - all for the sole purpose of dolling up your tires and wheels? You may have had the driver's door open and the engine running, but seriously - what the fuck? And there's no way to argue that you weren't bothering anybody; in just the few minutes while I was passing by, I saw three other cars have to navigate the obstacle course you created for them. For both your sake and mine, I'm glad I was on foot. I would have stopped, gone into park, waited up to ten seconds, and then laid on the horn.

Some people...

* Thanks to the Town of Huntington's property tax records, I was able to (and did) pull the name of the property owner.

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