Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Eight hundred twenty-three.

Including this one, that is the number of posts I've made to this LiveJournal in the eleven and a quarter years I've blogged here. It's also probably the final total of the number of posts I'll make to this LiveJournal. I've packed up and moved to WordPress. Specifically, "Neither Required Nor Desired," a title I gave to this blog not too long ago.

Interestingly, my longevity on this platform likely inserted a major snag into the process of leaving it. When I tried to import my entries to WP, I had issues with the encoding. Apparently, LiveJournal converted to Unicode at some point after I started using it, so I had to mass-convert everything to that encoding. Once that was accomplished, the transfer was a breeze.

I'm not sure yet whether the switch will lead to increased output; I do hope it leads to increased visibility. As for this, I've got no reason to take it down, so I won't. But it'll remain frozen here on September 3, 2012. That being the case, it won't be too out of date when the reckoning comes to pass in three and a half months, right?

I'm back here after less than three weeks.

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