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More on screwing over the Sun...

So the Senior Athlete of the Year news wasn't aired in the morning casts. I'm giving Dave Conroy a pass on it, because of the time constraints he was under, and that he only does the 7:00 live. If it were anybody else, I would have blasted him or her for not mentioning it during at least one of the casts.

But Kevin Mills aired during all three casts in the afternoon. I was there for about an hour, and I told Chris Bianchi that the news did not come from a press release (i.e. we broke something the Sun didn't want to be broken). Good stuff.

A weird series of coincidences took place in the Cornell Store today. In the store with me at the same time were both Katie Davis (Thursday morning's news person on VBR) and Jaimee Reynolds herself. I should have asked Davis about the morning, since I hadn't listened to the recordings at that point. Then when I left, I ran into none other than Amanda Angel. After some small talk about our softball game (I don't know when it's going to happen), I mentioned that I know who the Athlete of the Year was. I also mentioned that WVBR expatriate Owen Bochner was the one who let it slip. I promised not to tell anyone. As I was walking away, I said to myself, "I didn't promise to pull a story I had cleared for air last night..." No hate mail yet, but it's still early...

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