Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

It didn't take.

In Seinfeld, "it didn't take" was how George described Susan's brief flirtation with lesbianism. So it could also be said about my foray into Wordpress territory. Mark was right about the spam, and traffic was comparable to here. I was still checking over here every so often, and noticed there was a new update page; I made sparse use of that page on the website previously, using the Semagic client instead. I also saw a feature called "Scrapbook" where I could put pictures to use here (as opposed to using my space on Photobucket). When I saw that I had fifteen gigabytes there (as opposed to three on Wordpress), I copied the few entries I wrote there back here, cleaned up some links, and scrapped the Wordpress site.

I pulled out my old scale yesterday and re-weighed myself this morning - and it confirmed that I am indeed down ten pounds in the last month and a half. I took extra-long walks the last two days; on Wednesday, we had a special vote on two propositions, with both passing overwhelmingly. Since I already was going about three-quarters of the way to my polling station, I just extended the route to take it past where I vote. I did that same route again today since I'm not going to be walking tomorrow, and possibly not on Saturday or Sunday either.

The interruption to the schedule is because I'm going upstate for Cornell's Homecoming - or as it's known to those of the trombone persuasion, "Bonecoming." I'll be leaving around 5:30 tomorrow morning, in order to reach the Finger Lakes in time for our wine tour. It promises to be a fun time, although I know I'll give back some of the progress on weight I've made since August 7. But until then, I'll enjoy my team on the Thursday Night Football stage - and right now, with the Giants laying the wood on the Panthers, it is most enjoyable.
Tags: cornell, walking

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