Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

September numbers

Some people will be anxiously waiting for Friday's jobs report, wondering which way the numbers will point insofar as the economy is concerned. But I've already got the key figures for last month, at least for my body.

Distance: 170.30 miles walked in total. Walked 27 of 30 days; the only three I took off were the weekend before last in Ithaca. No days lost to weather.
Weight: -8.2 pounds net change (202.0 at beginning of month, 193.8 this morning)

I just mentioned that I didn't lose any days to inclement weather. I did have to cut one walk short, and another close call happened last Friday. I got out ahead of most of the showers that fell that day, but the skies finally opened up for good around 9:40. By that time, I had no potential shortcuts remaining, so the only option left was to put on as much speed as I could and get home quickly - or so I thought. Four-fifths of a mile from the end, my mom drove by, heading back to the house. She asked if I needed a ride... and I turned her down. Up until that point, I had neither seen lightning nor heard thunder. And by that point, I was already soaked, so more rain would essentially have no impact; the only thing that could get worse was if I pulled my phone out of my pocket, and I made sure not to. I was only eleven or twelve minutes from the end, and given the risks, I was more bent on getting my full distance in. An hour later, I asked her about thunder and lightning, and she said there hadn't been any. (If there had been, I would have jumped in the back of that car with a quickness.) I think she said something about thinking I was crazy to keep going. Determined, crazy, call it what you will... but either way, I'm pretty sure I know which side of the family it comes from.
Tags: insanity, northport, walking, weight loss

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