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I mentioned last time that Mitt Romney vowed to defund public broadcasting at the debate, and that it doesn't mean he's serious about deficit reduction. What I neglected to add was that there is a case to be made for zeroing out CPB, along with the NEA and NEH. Cato makes it here. Bullet points: these agencies force people to support expression they may abhor, they are a net transfer of wealth from poor to rich, and they (for the most part, subtly) influence the culture in favor of government.

There's another story that caught my eye and just made me shake my head. I've mentioned here that I'm not a fan of the video game World of Warcraft. It stems from my time on Memphis, when everybody around me was playing and urging me to, and enduring the conversations about the game which were effectively in a foreign language. But I never cast aspersions on the personality or fitness for duty on any of the orcs or paladins surrounding me. Contrast this to the Maine Republican Party, which is attacking a Democratic candidate for the State Senate because of her game playing habits.

The nature of the attack tells me far more about the attackers than an affinity for Warcraft tells me about the candidate. The Maine GOP can't attack its opponent's record, whether because it doesn't exist or it's unimpeachable. They severely underestimate the intelligence of the residents of this district, since they think this will somehow work. I guess Maine's Republicans have some spare cash in their treasury to blow, because they appear to have built a website and sent out a full color mailer to advance an utterly silly argument that I can't imagine will garner them many votes.

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