Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

October numbers and some needed humor

Walked 27 of 31 days; lost two to Sandy, one to the busted water heater I mentioned two weeks ago, and another because my legs needed a rest.
Walked 233.83 miles in October.
Lost 8.4 pounds (193.8 on October 1, 185.4 yesterday).

Some levity as we weather the aftermath from the storm comes from The Onion, which has a story on Atlantic City's "recovery." As I said on Facebook, this might be music to the ears of ECAC Hockey, as it gives the league an incentive to completely drive its championship weekend into the ground in the league's last year there. Second is this video from Durham, North Carolina, completely unrelated to the hurricane:

(The embed doesn't look like it works, so here's the link.)

The sign is clear. Eleven feet, eight inches. 3.55 meters, if you prefer. But it's an immutable characteristic of the train trestle.

No power yet; I'm back in Village Park, this time with a collapsible chair for enhanced comfort of my derriere. Still more than half a million LIPA customers out, but we're hanging in there.

(EDIT, 4:50 pm, November 2: Power was just restored at my house. The outage lasted almost exactly four days. Quite fortunate to have it, considering I've read estimates of nine more days to restore the entire Island.)

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