Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

update: November 19

I'm writing this seated at a desk in a really nice suite at a Marriott Springhill in southern Maryland. As late as eighty hours ago, I had no idea that I would be. Last Thursday night, I got a call about a job I'd applied for at the end of July, an application I thought had been flushed down the memory hole. The accommodations were set up on Friday, but that was all I knew when I left Long Island this afternoon. I didn't get confirmation of the time until late this evening, when I was already two-thirds of the way down. Everybody I've spoken to at this job seems very nice, and I'm looking forward to actually meeting them tomorrow.

I'm also on the back side of a mild head cold. It had me stuffed up for several days, but thankfully, nothing worse than that.

The weight is down to 179. Still nine miles a day for the most part, except when weather or schedule conflicts. I'm pleased with the continued progress, and I might be close to pulling the 34-waist jeans out of storage. I'm glad I kept them around even though I had to jump up to 36 two years ago.

Had a really good time in New York City the Saturday before last, despite Columbia's triumph over Cornell. I saw a lot of good friends, including a couple I hadn't seen in about a decade. Still unsure about whether to make another trip into the city for the Cornell-Michigan hockey game this Saturday. Tickets are still available from MSG, so I think I'll make the decision after seeing how things go tomorrow.

I saw Skyfall last week, and thought it was outstanding. Perhaps it's because the reviews I'd read before the fact mentioned it prominently, but I did especially notice the cinematography. The final scene was really beautifully shot. My favorite scene was the one where M is in the committee hearing, being questioned by a young minister. Judi Dench played that so well, conveying the steely resolve of someone who was willing to give her life to send a message to the too-comfortable politicians; though it may have been self-serving in effect (preserving MI6), it was motivated purely by patriotism. And Daniel Craig is just as smooth an operator, both with the ladies and with his enemies, as in Casino Royale (and Quantum of Solace, I guess, but I've done my best to block the memory of that film from resurfacing).

Last - the Giants were really impressive this week! I thought the Bye Week would give them trouble, but the G-Men exercised complete control over their rest days. They should be ready for Green Bay - especially Eli, which is important because these days, keeping a starting quarterback upright is a big challenge. (see: J. Cutler, B. Roethlisberger, A. Smith, M. Vick, J. Skelton - wait, no, he didn't get injured, he just stunk)

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