Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

yesterday = up and down. or more like up, THEN down.

I thought things went well down in Maryland yesterday. This process was more involved than the others I've been involved in; I talked  one-on-one with human resources about benefits, and got a tour of the plant and got to speak with some of the people who do the job I applied for. I think it's a place that I'd feel very comfortable living if I'm offered this position. At least with this one, there won't be lengthy suspense; they told me that decisions should be made by early next week.

As opposed to everything that happened before 3 p.m., most of what happened after that hour was AWFUL. It ended up being just late enough that I caught the front end of Baltimore's rush hour. After getting food and gas, something splattered on my windshield; I think it was some spray off a truck in front of me. But I did have to stop again on the New Jersey Turnpike to clean it off and to use the restroom. While there, I made use of my jumper cables for maybe the third or fourth time in the five and a half yeras I've owned them, to assist a motorist in distress. After ignoring my Garmin about 5 times, I found myself in Brooklyn, and in traffic. Approaching 9 p.m. It started on the BQE, but that's not where the source was. Whatever was causing this was on the LIE, near the Cross Island Parkway; in other words right in my path. Despite my Garmin having the ability to acquire traffic conditions, the LIE traffic wasn't shown - until, as if by magic, it appeared. Once it did, a reroute was suggested that would save me sixteen minutes. Unfortunately, it's not so good at accounting for time stopped at traffic lights, so I only saved four minutes. And by this time, I'd succumbed to what I termed "Stockholm Syndrome of the road." That's the state of being so tired and focusing on getting home to the exclusion of everything else that I no longer cared what was on the radio, unless it was a song I'd heard earlier in the night. Artists who would normally be swiftly dismissed were tolerated in the 9 p.m. hour of last night.

Now that I've made it home and rested, I can relax and chill... wait, not so much, because the roofing guys are here working. Oh, I didn't mention that here, did I? The day after the election, a nor'easter blew through here. Nobody thought much of it until late afternoon, when... there's nasty colored water on the ceiling and dripping down. By some great stroke of luck, it was confined to the hallway and master bedroom, and my room and the bathroom were spared. This is probably for the best in the long term, as it means the roof gets replaced (hence the banging and footsteps overhead).

Just bought my ticket for the hockey game on Saturday. Section 221, row 20, aka "the nosebleeds," aka "the cheapest tickets they had."

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