Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Just a sad story all the way around.

I was on my regular daily walk around Northport this afternoon, enjoying the high of the Mets signing David Wright to a long term contract extension. After a bathroom break, I checked my social media accounts. I had to read one update twice to be sure that it said this:
BREAKING: Four Hofstra basketball players, Jimmy Hall, Shaquille Stokes, Kentrell Washington and Dallas Anglin have been arrested on burglary charges. The four have been suspended from campus until the outcome of their case.
A roundup of reaction...
  • Coverage from the Hofstra Chronicle and the New York Post.
  • Defiantly Dutch reacts, including an assessment of the impact on the court (most telling - likely FIVE scholarship players in uniform for the Pride tomorrow afternoon against Southern Methodist).
  • Fans from around the Colonial Athletic Association weighed in as well, particularly from the vicinity of Fairfax, VA, where George Mason is located. This commentary included the obligatory "Hofstra on pace to lead the CAA in steals," as well as a mockup of a potential new uniform for the Pride.
  • And now Deadspin has a hold of the story. Hofstra may not be UConn, but as circumstance has it, we have the same athletic director the Huskies did in 2005.
That last link brought up a point that had crossed my mind earlier tonight – that the athletes in question were living a meager existence, and something like this is an example of why college athletes should be paid a stipend above and beyond their scholarships. Perhaps that's true. But any inadequacies in the scholarship system don't begin to justify the crimes these young men are alleged to have committed.

I feel terrible for the Hofstra basketball team and its fans, who have to soldier on in this crippled state. But I feel worse for the victims of these thefts. It makes me think that my choice to commute to and from campus during my time there, and not to live in the dorms – despite the loss of social connectivity that resulted – may have been the right decision. During my first year at Cornell, two of the five guys I shared a suite with were hockey players – perhaps the most revered athletes on that campus, then and now. Not for a second did I have cause to worry about my things being stolen, by them or by anybody else. Granted, iPods and iPads didn't exist then, cell phones had not widely proliferated, and my computer was a hefty desktop that would have been tough to make off with in any event. But still, these are things that I just didn't have to think about, and that in a sane world, no college student should have to think about. It's incredibly sad not only that students' possessions weren't secure, but also that these young men allgedly took advantage of their reputation and campus status to victimize their classmates.
Tags: college basketball, cornell, hofstra, insanity, sports

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