Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

November numbers

Walked on 26 of 30 days (two lost to weather, one to mild sickness and planning for a job interview, and one lost to actually being on and returning from that job interview).
Walked 227.93 miles total, simultaneously less and more than in October. The gross distance was about six miles shorter, but the average, which accounts for November being a day shorter, was a bit higher last month.
Lost 8.8 pounds (185.4 on November 1, 176.6 this morning).

More and more, I've been able to see the effects of the work I've been putting in. The belt hole I use changes. The sweatshirt I'm wearing right now, that didn't fit last winter, or the one before, is comfortable again. I mentioned possibly having to go into storage to pull out my old jeans.

The big target of 170 pounds by year's end is not only in sight, it's very reachable. The one other milestone I'm considering shooting for is 260 miles in December, which would bring my total to a thousand since July 28. It would mean adding some distance (likely one to one and a half miles per day), but that's well within reason.
Tags: walking

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