Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

All right, so I didn't go to East Hill. Dinner will consist of an assortment of chips, cookies, and other such junk food once again. I decided not to go because Chad is going to Wegman's later and I will bring my redeemables back with him.

I might have a car next year, or at least for the summer. The 1987 Voyager that I drove last summer. Call it what you will - the Ghetto Rider, the Clunker, whatever. It quite possibly could be here next year. This will be a good thing, as I will thus be able to go to supermarkets and VBR and elsewhere. I don't know how much the insurance is though. Also my mom wants to bring it up this wekeend, which could be a problem because technically, all the spots in the lot are taken and I don't know who has left yet. And of course, it doesn't change the fact that I don't have a place to live in Ithaca the weekend after next. Regardless of whether or not I can move into the new place early, I want to go home next weekend - it's been too long, and I need to see some old familiar faces. Plus the Art and Music Festival. (For anyone reading this not from where I'm from, the Art and Music Festival is the annual event where a bunch of artwork from all grade levels is put on display in the Village Park, and there are musical performances by all the school district's musical ensembles. It's really pretty cool.

So that's the deal. Will write again soon.

P.S. This just in: Mike Halperin agrees to do interview. I now have four, the absolute minimum to make the show work. Also good because I have two from each gender.

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