Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Yuletide 2012

This year was unlike many others in the past, in that I actually knew what I wanted for Christmas. (I'm usually a fairly difficult person to buy for.) I was debating between an iPad mini and the new, fourth generation full size iPad. After some thought, and a swing by the Apple store to actually feel each of them in my hand, I decided on the latter, and informed my mom of this.

Fast forward to two nights ago. I'm bringing everybody else's presents down to the tree, and I notice mine. Having owned an iPad for two years, I can immediately tell that the size isn't right. It's clearly an iPad mini, and I'm not all that happy. The feeling had nothing to do with the particular style of tablet; it was driven entirely by the fact that I gave clear and explicit directions, and for some reason, they weren't followed.

I went out to get some more gifts, and when I came back, I asked Mom about it. She said that the new, full size iPad was out of stock when she went to the Apple store, and she hadn't thought to have them check other stores. (Using Apple's online store would, to be blunt, be a mental leap I didn't expect her to make.) So she bought the mini and a Smart Cover (red, of course). Since made a good faith effort to get what I'd said I wanted, I wasn't going to simply return it without opening it. I figured perhaps the mini would be to my liking.

And is it ever. The size is comfortable for my hand, and it has all the same functionality of my old iPad. On top of that, it eliminates many of the shortcomings that tablet had developed - particularly, the lag time when using Safari and when typing; I could easily make ten keystrokes before any of those characters appeared on the screen. So far, my concern about the mini - that it contains the internal guts of the iPad 2, which has been out for nearly two years - has had no practical effect. It also had an unexpected surprise - it's the 32 gigabyte model, as opposed to 16. I can throw a lot more stuff on there. I haven't done so yet, just because it took me a while to bring in all my apps and video this afternoon. And my brother got me a great companion gift - a Jambox speaker, by Jawbone. It's a pretty powerful speaker for its size (6 by 1.5 by 2.25 inches), and Bluetooth capable.

Everybody else looked pleased with what I got them. Mom got a new printer; Dad got some long sleeve shirts and a case of beer; and John got a Jets sweatshirt that he said he won't wear out in public due to the shame he feels at their recent performances. He also got my old iPad, since it would have just sat under my bed and collected dust otherwise. The only complaint I can register about the gift exchange was that it took place at nearly 2:30, even later than it customarily does.

Between all that, a tasty dinner, and hitting 170 pounds on the scale this morning, it was a pretty outstanding Christmas. I'm only twenty-eight miles from reaching the milestone of 1,000 for the year. And an important piece of information will be revealed to me most likely in the next 24 to 48 hours. If it happens to be a positive piece of information, then so much the better (although that would send me into "whirlwind mode").

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