Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

This isn't Haiti...right?

Among the items in the most recent police blotter report from Northport Patch is the following:
A Scudder Avenue woman reported an incident involving a voodoo doll on Dec. 26. The woman said that five people have been pushing pins into a voodoo doll causing her pain. She also said the subjects have also been squeezing the air out of the doll which has been making it difficult for her to breathe and also causing pain to her ribs. The woman doesn't know any other information about the subjects with the voodoo doll. She was satisfied with the filing of the report for informational purposes only.
I would certainly hope the woman is satisfied! Based on the (entirely circumstantial) information given, there's absolutely nothing the police can do on this case. I'd think it safe to say that there isn't a Ouija board laying around police headquarters.

I'm left to wonder whether the officers involved in this case were able to restrain themselves from openly laughing at this woman as they took her report. In my ideal America, the woman would be held accountable for the costs she imposed on the police department. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a mechanism to do that, at least within the criminal law, since the report isn't demonstrably false. The fact that where I live is relatively safe, and thus the cops may not have a whole lot to do, doesn't give anyone the right to waste their time with frivolous matters like this one.
Tags: insanity, long island, northport

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