Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

job update 2/25

Last Thursday, I posted on Facebook that I had three interesting job processes going. All of them have since turned in one way or another.

Half an hour after I made the post, I heard back from a recruiter who'd contacted me after seeing my resume on Monster. She said that the medical device company I'd interviewed with by phone two days before had someone else they wished to pursue. Whomp whomp.

On Friday morning, I drove out to Hauppauge for what I thought would be an interview with a life insurance company. It was actually a presentation. I'd already been skeptical about this one, since they didn't seem to have their stuff entirely together. This meeting was initially scheduled for nine days prior, but I didn't make it to that one because they sent me to the wrong address. The office moved over Presidents' Day weekend, and the e-mail I received directed me to the new office, which was then occupied only by a few construction workers. The presentation ended with a questionnaire. I got a call from them late on Friday, but was away from my phone. I called the number they'd left, and was greeted with "you've reached the old recruiting line of [company]. Please call [new number, from which their call had come]." Um, what? You tell me to call a number and it's the wrong one? I then called the other number and got no answer. At this point, it's just as well, because I'm not inclined to pursue that process any further. I remembered the brief time I spent as a prospective knife salesman in 2002 after responding to one of those generic "student summer work" postings I'd seen. I don't feel like I'm a natural salesman, and while I was heartened to hear that most of this company's agents had backgrounds in other fields, I don't think it's for me. My response on the questionnaire of "yes" to the question of whether I was interested was motivated by the feeling that I'm not in a position to turn anybody down. Upon further review, I'm not sure that's true; if I think I'm not a good fit for an organization or vice versa, then it's up to me to stop here and not waste any more of their time.

I had a phone interview this afternoon, and while I think it went okay, I wouldn't be surprised if that employer decided to pursue other candidates. I spent some time familiarizing myself with one of the job's primary areas of responsibility, and I was barely asked anything about that; the questions were instead of a much more general nature. The biggest stumbling block was when I was asked how much of a background I'd had in a particular area, and I was forced to admit that there wasn't much outside my classroom experience. After the interview, I realized that a better answer would have been to point to my GPA and Navy experience to show that I can pick up new concepts easily and that I'm trainable. It's too bad, because this is one job that I would be very excited about (due especially to its location).

There are still a couple of other applications out there, including one for a civilian position at the prototype nuclear plant outside of Saratoga Springs where I did my training in 2005. I do at least feel better that there are things happening (even if they're not all positive things), as opposed to the long stretches of waiting that characterized my applications to various civilian nuclear power plants last year.

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