Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Rationality ultimately prevailed.

I just went to the convenience store around the corner from my apartment to pick up some beer. I settled on an unfamiliar brew, Third Shift Amber Lager. I did not see a price marking on the freezer door. When I went to the cashier to be rung out, she said, "that'll be $6.91, please."

I stared at the number in green seven-segment displays on the register. It brought a moment of pause, and thoughts of a place that is hopefully well on its way to conversion to razor blades (with one section being sealed and transported to a remote site in Washington State). A place that I repeatedly called the "Submersible Death Trap" on this very blog. I very briefly reconsidered... perhaps this is a sign that I should put the beer back on the shelf and make another selection?

But I laughed at myself for the thought, pulled the necessary cash from my wallet, and went home. The number is just a number, nothing more. And the beer is most tasty, well worth the low price.
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