Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

New Year... pretty much new everything

The last couple of weeks of 2013 were a frantic capstone to a wild year. After finally getting final confirmation of my new job on December 11, here's the next week in tiny snippets:

Wednesday: resign from Cooper.
Thursday: apply for new apartment in Pennsylvania.
Friday: cancel existing electric and cable; sign up for new electric and cable, as well as renter's insurance. Start packing. Enjoy one final night out in Findlay.
Saturday: Pick up rental truck and load car onto the carrier. Entertain no thought of going any further than my apartment, as it's snowing outside. Finish packing.
Sunday: Spend morning loading truck in the midst of 20-25 mph winds. After lunch, drive out of Findlay for the last time and go for the next six hours. Break for dinner and drive for another three and a half. Drive all that distance with constant nervousness that the car is going to come loose from the restraints and become a two-ton missile.
Monday: Drive the final 35 miles to Phoenixville, after walking into a post office with fourteen hundred dollars in cash, to secure money orders for initial rent and security deposit. Sign lease and unload truck into new apartment as soon as possible. Happily return truck. Return home to Verizon guy waiting for me. Get minimal setup accomplished.
Tuesday: start new job, leaving behind a pile of unopened boxes in my living room.

The apartment - a significant upgrade on my old place in Ohio - has long since been set up, and I've changed over the car and license. Coming in right before the holidays has meant it's been a quiet period at work, which has given me plenty of working hours to tour the power plant and get used to where major things are. I really like the mix of co-workers I'm working with here; I even went out with a couple of them last night to celebrate the New Year. All in all, it's tough to complain about the way 2013 ended, despite the personal loss and professional setbacks I encountered earlier in the year. I'm excited and ready to engage 2014 and make it great.

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