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One down, three to go...

...for the ladies in red, as they defeated Syracuse 16-8 at Schoellkopf. I've got a lot to get done tomorrow, because I'll be away all day Saturday (trip to Providence for the Cornell men's first round NCAA game). The Cornell-Maryland women's matchup on Sunday should be great. To borrow a line from Parkin, if you're in Ithaca, go!

Must get more dayquil...because the sniffling continues. I think it's a good thing I didn't go to the tailgate after the women's lax game today, because I probably would have made the entire team sick.

Had a very productive meeting today with Jeff Hall, the Director of Sports Marketing at Cornell. We talked about the possibility of bringing men's hockey broadcasts, as well as the Coaches' Corner discussion program, back to WVBR next year. Both my station and the athletic department have needs that the other can fill. As I said to Mark Anbinder, I'm very optimistic that a deal can be worked out between us.

I hail the return of Jacob to the LiveJournal world. I was wondering what was happening after nearly two months without a post.

VH1 - normally a good channel. But they ruined all the suspense of the "100 Greatest One-Hit Wonders" countdown by posting the whole list on their website. (And I'm sorry, but "Who Let The Dogs Out?" does not belong in the top ten.)

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