Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

gluttony for punishment

As I type this, I'm on an NJ Transit train bound for New York City to watch the Big Red football team battle it out with the Columbia Lions in football. Actually "battle it out" may not be quite the proper term. Fortunately, Harry Enten of FiveThirtyEight has given this game some prominent Internet exposure; many of the relevant statistics are stated there. I'd add one more: since the last time Cornell traveled to the northern tip of Manhattan, Columbia is winless. The Lions carry a 19 game losing streak into today's clash of titans of futility.

The prospect of some abjectly bad football adds an extra layer of anticipation to a game that I'd be attending anyway. The abundance of Cornell alumni in the area bumps up the red-clad turnout. And afterward, we get a parade! Down Fifth Avenue! That's right, after Cornell at Columbia in each even numbered year, Cornellians parade six blocks from Rockefeller Center to the Cornell Club. It's a tradition dating back over four decades. I marched in one as an undergrad in 2000, and this will be my third straight one without the band uniform on. So even if the product on the gridiron is putrid - heck, even if the Big Red fall this afternoon - it'll still be great to catch up with many folks from the good old days on the hill who I don't get the chance to see too often.

Let's Go Red!

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