Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Presents on my doorstep!

And by that, I mean I got the stuff I ordered from Amazon last Friday. I'm no longer amazed that when I buy from them, my goods arrive to me well before the promised date. In fact, I wonder whether they blatantly rip off Scotty's tactics.

Here's what was in the goody box:
  • 2 12-packs of orange 5-Hour Energy. Our training normally rolls from 6 am to 2:30 pm or 6:30 to 3, to which my nocturnally inclined body does not acclimate well. In days past, I would remedy this by downing Coca-Cola. But with me sitting in a classroom all day, and needing to log north of eighty miles a week on the bike just to hold my weight steady, an additional forty or more grams of sugar per day is out of the question. Thus I turned to the energy shots several weeks back, and they've worked reasonably well. After having sampled several of the flavors on offer, I've come to roll with the orange as the most palatable. I was only going buy one 12-pack to take my order above the $35 threshold for free shipping*, but I elected to throw another one on there, since I'll consume them eventually.

  • A pair of EARBUDi. My new iPhone came with the standard Apple earpods, which I considered buying by themselves years ago (and didn't). While I like having the remote control on the right earpod cord, they tend not to stay in my ears. I wondered whether I was wearing them correctly, and so I googled "how to wear apple earpods" or something like that. That search yielded this blog post; I checked out their website and added them to my order. They snapped right on to the earpods, and they've performed quite well at their task, including my bike ride this afternoon.

  • Overruled: The Long War for Control of the US Supreme Court, by Damon Root. I enjoy Root's writing at Reason, and I expect this book to be just as fine a work. As the summary at the link states, the debate over judicial activism vs. deference is one that cuts across the traditional American political divide, uniting Oliver Wendell Holmes and Robert Bork against modern jurists like Randy Barnett and Alan Gura. It's also a debate that could come to another head in the year to come, with the Court having agreed to hear King v. Burwell (Root's summary). I'm definitely looking forward to getting into Overruled when I can find some spare moments to do so.

* Before you remind me of the existence and/or greatness of Amazon Prime, let me counter by saying that I purchase from Amazon so infrequently as to not make it worth my while. When I placed this order, the default address listed was in Findlay.

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