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My weekend in Charm City...

So I went down to Baltimore to cover Cornell's lacrosse teams in the NCAA championships. Overall, it was a pretty good weekend. I left about 11:00 Friday, and got to Baltimore in just over five hours. I was being quite careful to watch my speed, seeing as I got a speeding ticket on the way back from Providence last weekend. It was simply a matter of going only 70 to 75, as opposed to 85 to 90. Once I got off the interstate, the traffic got really nasty. Must have been all those Cornell women's lacrosse parents trying to get to the game.

And the game was great. Five times in regulation, Cornell went down. Five times, the Big Red fought back to tie. The last equalizer came with just seventeen seconds remaining, as Sarah Fischer found the net after Cornell intercepted Georgetown's attempts to run out the clock. The Big Red stayed in the game in the second half despite losing Lori Wohlschlegel to an ankle injury. But Cornell was having problems with the draw controls, and this came up to really hurt them in the overtime, where the Hoyas won all four, and scored twice to take the game 12-10. After the game, everyone seemed happy with the effort, even the seven seniors who had played their last game. The people at Loyola screwed over Cornell's, trombone section, by not letting them play Davy after goals.

It took me half an hour to find the Motel 6 where I had my reservation. I just chilled out, not really in the mood to do anything. Some of my friends went to see Episode II (I wasn't staying with them), but I figured I could do that anywhere. It was on this night that I made the decision not to go to the Preakness on Saturday. I remembered how boring it was on the last two times I had been to racetracks (Belmont and Saratoga).

After I woke up on Saturday, I went down to the Inner Harbor. The first parking lot I found, there was nobody at the gate. But I saw that some of the cars had parking tags, and I ultimately decided that I didn't want to leave my car there and risk having it towed. So I went up the street and found another lot. I spent the next several hours in downtown Baltimore. A lot of it was just wandering around the pavilions on the Inner Harbor, doing window shopping. I knew I really wasn't interested in spending a lot of money. That also explains why among all the dining options there, I has Sbarro for lunch and Subway for dinner. After lunch I went to Camden Yards to buy a ticket for that night's baseball game. I got lost in the city, but eventually made my way to the stadium. When I found it, I was kicking myself - because I had passed right by the stadium as I was driving in! So I bought my ticket and went back to the harbor, where I visited the ESPN Zone and Barnes & Noble. I thought about having dinner at the Zone, but decided I didn't want to wait. At B&N, I bought Lance Armstrong's book. So far, it's pretty good.

After watching the Preakness on a television at the ESPN Zone, I made my way over to Camden Yards for the Orioles-Devil Rays game. Cornell's Hangovers sang the national anthem, which was very cool. The game was not a particularly good one, which to me was expected given the quality (or lack thereof) of the two teams. But Greg Vaughn did make it a bit exciting, by hitting two home runs, including the game-winner in the top of the ninth. I was seated one row below my friends, and they told me of their less-than-stellar experience at Pimlico.

So I got back to the hotel and watched the season finale of SNL. With it being Will Ferrell's final show as well, there would of course be a "Celebrity Jeopardy" sketch. This final one was not bad, and having the real Alex Trebek come out at the end was cool. But at the same time, I'm kind of glad to see the sketch die - it was becoming stale of late. But it's too bad Ferrell is leaving the show.

I left the hotel about 11:30 on Sunday and made my way to Johns Hopkins for the Cornell men's lacrosse quarterfinal. The first game was Hopkins v. UMass, and it was great. UMass was down 6-0 and 8-2, but came back to take a 10-8 lead, then gave up the next four, but scored two in the final minute to tie it at 12. Hopkins got a questionable timeout call at the beginning of overtime, and held possession until they scored for the win. The Cornell game was similar in a sense. Close early, but Virginia eventually got up 8-3, and then the Big Red fought back to tie it at 9-9 and then 10-10 before giving up the game-winner with four minutes left. Tough loss.

On the ride back up, I called in to Sports Roundup, and got to talk with Jon Meer on the air. I thought I was just going to give my report on the Cornell games, but I ended up staying on the line for ten minutes, talking about everything sports. It was cool. So was the drive up overall, except for the construction in Scranton. But I made it back in one piece, as did the car, without getting stopped (not that I was expecting to or anything). Now we just have to settle the little matter of the stuff in the back of my car...

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