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An interesting experience...

I decided to have soup tonight. Just before I turned on the heat to cook this soup, I noticed that I had nothing to eat it from (All of the bowls in the house apparently belonged to Chad, and thus departed with him on his move out). I found a tiny little bowl in the closet, but after looking at it, I thought, "this won't do - I'll have to keep going back to refill like, 25 times." Then a novel idea struck me. Sitting above the sink was my bone mug. I don't think I had ever used it to hold anything. Not being able to think of anything else at the time, I said to myself, "well, it's not what the mug was intended for, but it'll do the trick." And it actually did the trick quite well. Instead of having to go back for more soup (usually twice), it all fit in a single mugful. And the ceramic probably helped to keep the heat in, resulting in the soup staying hot for longer, and enhancing my enjoyment.

The car is beginning to be more trouble than it's worth. The vibration that should have been corrected when the van was realigned on Long Island last Thursday has not only reappeared, but has gotten worse. This didn't restart until I arrived back here. It's going to have to back in for another look somewhere up here. In its current state, it fails an important test - if it were necessary to go back downstate on short notice, I would not feel confident driving the van in its current condition.

And I still need to secure employment...

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