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My mother thinks the Vector position is "unacceptable," because it's not a 40-hour-per-week job. She intends to take the van away. Every job like that I've seen either requires much more experience and/or education than I have, or wants someone for longer than just the summer. Without the van, Vector goes bye-bye; the office is out in Lansing, and it would be a total pain in the butt to get to the presentations. So in essence, my mother is ready to prevent me from doing something that I think I will enjoy greatly, because she's hung up on one little provision that really isn't as big an issue as she makes it out to be.

This time, she really is trying to run my life. This time, she's decided that she thinks she knows what's best for me - or perhaps just what will make her happy. The quality of my life is not indicative of whether she's a good person or was a good parent. I get the impression that mom seems to think so. I can't help but wonder if she thinks she has failed in some way because my life is not exactly as she wants it to be. She's always said that she's concerned wth my happiness. She just wants me to be happy. When she goes and does something like this, a statement like that becomes very hard to believe. Her actions have made me into an emotional wreck right now. And she wonders why I'm not completely open and honest with her?

I just had to vent. And if anyone knows a good 40 hour per week job in the Ithaca area (preferably not involving food preparation, but I'll take anything at this point), let me know ASAP...

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