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We open this entry with a brief rant about the geographically challenged. Apparently the Suffolk County Commissioner of Jurors office doesn't know that Ithaca is, in fact, in New York State. When I tried to call them from here to see what I had to do on Wednesday, it just kept saying "Your call did not go through." So I finally had to call my parents and have them call the jury hotline. At least I don't have to serve tomorrow, so I'll be here another night.

OK, now a little bit about television. Oh, how I would love to clean out the top management at MTV. For starters, they've milked both "Real World" and "Road Rules" far longer than they should have. These shows are tired and should be put out to pasture. But they really sunk to a new low with their new one, "Sorority Life" (which translates to "Lifestyles of the Vain and Promiscuous"). Watching this show could cause serious brain damage. I am not joking.

I cannot overstate the greatness of the return of "Press Your Luck" to television. So excellent. The new one ("Whammy!") isn't that bad either. Not as good as the original, but worth a watch. Then comes Kennedy's show, "Friend or Foe?" They actually made a game show from the old "prisoner's dilemma" problem in game theory. Nice idea, but I don't think the ex-MTV VJ works well. Of course, after that you have "Russian Roulette," which I think is very cool. Mark Wahlberg is pretty good. The dropping of the players is very key.

Jacob says "yay for finally paying this month's rent..." - ditto.

I wish I had an air conditioner...or at least a fan.

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