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Both of today's interviews went well. I asked all the right questions, and the answers were good. So now I have four interviews on tape. This is good because I now know the show is definitely a go. Also I should have time to do a decent recap of the year in Cornell athletics. I sent an e-mail to Josh Novikoff and Laura Stange about this. As for the other athletes I've contacted, getting agreements from any of them would be icing on the cake at this point.

All the athletes I've interviewed have been extremely nice and friendly. I can't say for sure exactly how they feel about being interviewed for this. It seemed like Nicole was suprised that I asked her, and was kind of excited to do it. Robin Moore's reaction was similar, but not the same. I think this could be possibly because she has no doubt been inundated with praise from all sides for her accomplishments. But if I may be blunt (of course I may be blunt - this is my journal), it has been such a thrill to meet all these amazing athletes and amazing people doing this coverage for WVBR in the last month or so. It's one thing to talk about them every Sunday night on the radio, it is totally another to get up close with them and meet them in person and talk about what they've done. Doing all this stuff has made me realize that the stuff that my major leads to (consulting, etc.) isn't what I want with my life. It's sports media. I'm not sure in what form. I love radio, but I certainly wouldn't rule out television, a newspaper, or an Internet outlet.

I have to into work at 9:00 again tomorrow - start of the Commencement weekend rush. We actually have to dress up. That shouldn't be too bad though. I think the shift may actually go faster because we'll probably be busier tomorrow. And fortunately for me I don't have to work on Sunday. This is good because I can attend Commencement, and also have time to prepare the interviews for the show on Sunday night (you can't just play them off the tape - you have to put them on special carts).

I think I'm done for now. I'll definitely rant more as the weekend goes along.

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