Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

All right, maybe I should have said 50 km for the *weekend*.

I only ended up doing 20 kilometers today, out to Eaton's Neck and back. The lowlight of the trip was flipping off some older lady (in a minivan, no less) for honking at me twice. I'll almost assuredly be back out tomorrow.

Yay for walking out of the bank with nearly $700 in cash. (More than $700, if you count what was in my wallet.) They almost didn't pay me the extra for the overtime I worked (giving me only the regular pay rate for that time), but I noted their error and received the money properly due me.

Well, that's about all the interesting stuff I've done today. That means it's time to stop writing and go out and go more (possibly) interesting stufff.

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