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Small but long-overdue update.

So I've been back in Ithaca for nearly a week now. The first few days went well, but I have felt increasingly lazy over the last three. For some reason, losing $1.1 million in fake money at Hoyle Casino gave me an impetus to get in gear. Unfortunately, I found that the hold on my registration from my leave of absence was never lifted, so I have to bitch to many people. This won't be fun. Then comes signing up for classes...what fun...

As far as the MLB strike goes, as I said on "Sports Roundup" last Sunday, I think there will be one, but I think it will be short, ten days at most. On the one hand, the two sides distrust each other so much that they won't be able to come to an agreement before Friday. On the other, there are too many factors at play for these people to hold out too long. They'll eventually find some way to split up the billions of dollars they're squabbling over. As far as the issue itself, I side more with the owners on this one. Yes, it may seem weird that I, one who in general favors non-interference in economics, would go in for salary restrictions. But something has to be done to keep teams from going under. The owners are not completely blameless - the Pohlads, Huizengas and Lorias should be in other lines of business. That's why we need the both the salary floors and the caps - to keep owners from hoarding all the money they bring in from the revenue sharing mechanisms that need to be in place.

That's all for now - more soon.

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