Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

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Another Fall Classic upon us...

...and I have no idea as to who is going to win this one.

The Angels have consistent production throughout their order, and a bona fide ace in Washburn. They've also got Frankie Rodriguez, who has not won a game in the regular season in his career, but has picked up four wins this season, thanks to his absolutely filthy stuff. Percival enables them to shorten games by an inning if they hold the lead. They easily dispatched the heavily favored Yankees, and then took down the Twins.

The Giants have an all-around solid starting rotation, considering that they left a 14-game winner (Ryan Jensen) off their playoff roster. Rich Aurilia has come on strong, especially in the NLCS, as has Benito Santiago from his place behind Barry Bonds in the order. As for Bonds, I think the Angels will go after him, which could allow him to do some damage.

The combatants are very evenly matched. I'm going to say NoCal prevails - Giants in seven.

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