Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Big doings in Ivy League football this weekend

Through a fortuitous confluence of circumstances, ESPN's College GameDay (and ESPN Radio's On Campus) will broadcast live from Franklin Field, site of the Penn-Harvard game this Saturday. Not only are the combatants both 5-0 in league play, there are no matchups between Top 25 I-A teams, making it a somewhat "dead" week in terms of national championship implications. It's great exposure for the league, and may give its head coaches a chance to voice opposition to the stupid ban that keeps the Ivy champion from the I-AA playoffs.

If GameDay ever came here..."And now, because we wanted all the ugly details of the BCS, presenting the only REAL college football preview show on your dial, ESPN's College GameDay, live from Schoellkopf Field in Ithaca, New York! With anchor Chris 'hockey?' Fowler, analyst Lee 'lacrosse?' Corso, and pretty boy Kirk 'robotic soccer?' Herbstreit."

From the Big Red perspective, it would be great if both Cornell and Dartmouth won on Saturday. Why, you ask? Because it would set up a "Suck Bowl" in the Ivy League. A Suck Bowl is a game in which the combatants are both playing their last conference game of the season, and are winless in conference play. They are thus playing for the right to not finish winless and in the basement. If the Red and Green prevail this weekend, then in the season finale, it would be Columbia (would be 1-8, 0-6) at Brown (would be 0-9, 0-6). Somebody's got to win it.

(There exists a good possibility for a Suck Bowl in the ACC, as Duke faces Georgia Tech this weekend, while North Carolina travels to Florida State. A UNC @ Duke Suck Bowl would probably be much more interesting than Columbia @ Brown, because of the sheer hatred between the two Tobacco Road schools. Down there, much like at Cornell, the football season exists merely as filler to occupy time until the beginning of another sport's season - hockey here, basketball down south. The Big East could also get a Suck Bowl on 30 November, but it's unlikely. Rutgers losing to Temple is a good possibility. But Boston College dropping against both Temple and Syracuse is a lot less certain.)

Thus ends this college football rambling. Check back soon for a possible schpiel on the upcoming Big Red basketball seasons (men's and women's).

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