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Why doesn't anybody TELL me these things?

Phil Collins has a new solo album out! Called "Testify", it's his first pop/rock effort since 1996's "Dance Into The Light." I only found out about it by hearing the first single in the laundromat today. I like the song a lot.

My annoyance with Chips has subsided somewhat, since he paid his Time Warner bill and is the only member of the house who is current. The annoyance stems primarily from the fact that (a) he's a m-f'ing slob and (b) he wastes electricity like he lives in Buckingham Palace. At least Jacob is cognizant of his debts, and I'm sure would pay if he had the wherewithal to do so. His track record from the beginning of the year (when I asked him every month, and he promptly paid) indicates this. Chris's willful disregard of his obligations is appalling. That is why I've decided to publicly shame him by posting what he owes on the white board on my door for all to see. Even after giving him the estimated credit for the Verizon fees I owe him, he has been freeloading on Time Warner services (cable and internet) since June. Five months, people.

Though it was only cursory, I actually did mop the kitchen floor. I figure since I'm having company over tonight, I should give them at least some semblance of normalcy. And these aren't the bones, so they won't be content with even a lower level of filth.

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