Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

On XXXVII and related topics...

Game was typical of most Super Bowls - a walkover. What was unexpected was the way Tampa Bay did the walking over. What I don't understand is that the odds in Monday's paper had the Buccaneers at 12-1 to repeat. Given past trends, they should be about 200-1, and 35-1 to even make the playoffs.

I didn't even watch the halftime show, switching immediately over to NBC's "Weekend Update" special, which wasn't bad. I can't stand No Doubt. Not for a song, not for a second. The pregame show was quite good - especially Santana, who will likely still be around when I'm 80.

I had to restrain myself when I saw the "we'll be the youngest grandparents in town" commercial that was "paid for" by the Office of National Drug Control Policy. I'll admit, not quite as bad as the commercials alleging drug money goes to support terrorism. Of course, what those ads don't say is that the black market created by the government's prohibition of drugs is what causes terror groups to rake in so much money from their sale. This nation should already know that Prohibition is a failure - as Congress and the state legislatures admitted seventy years ago. Yes, drug use is stupid. Yes, it's one of the most unproductive things one can do with his or her body. But the choice of whether to do so or not should be left to each individual person.

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