Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

They sure pulled out a number of the stops on last night's SNL. Not sure if it's all the stops, but Steve Martin, Britney Spears, Jim Carrey, and most importantly, Will Ferrell all made cameos. It was a good show all the way around. I could have done without the raft sketch though.

I have a new toy. One of John's friends gave him a Palm m105 handheld (the friend is entering the Army). Since John had no use for it, he gave it to me. Even though I'm going into the armed services in a few months. But I just I couldn't resist.

Another 4 point weekend for Big Red hockey. Note to the freshmen: we don't win every single home game. A #1 seed for ECAC's looks very likely. I think we will handle Princeton this weekend, but there's a good chance we could stumble against Yale. They're not the same team we killed in November, and we always have trouble in New Haven. Here's hoping that the best Yale players get game DQ's against Colgate. :)

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