Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

there really is no place like home...

It's good to be back in the old town. Been doing a lot. Among the major activities is sleeping. This is very important, and I'm working very hard at it. :)

So yesterday was an interesting day. First I go to the dentist and he says he wants to pull the wisdom teeth in the bottom of my mouth. I'm not sure if I'm going to go through with this considering that my teeth don't hurt in the slightest. We'll see.

So then I go back to my high school for the first time since I graduated (during the school day, that is). In addition to seeing several of my old teachers, I ran into Justin and Renu there as well. Seeing Renu was interesting - since I barely ever see her at Cornell, it's weird that I would find her in Northport. Anyway. So now I'm coming back down to Long Island in mid-August to chaperone my high school's band camp. This might sound silly to my friends from Cornell, but I was flattered to have been offered. Just being back at NHS was fun. Then I went to sleep at 9:00, woke up at 3:00, went back to sleep at 8:15, and got up again just after 11:00. And I chilled today.

Ryan, if you read this, you better return my f**king calls. I'm gonna bust a proverbial cap in your ass if you don't. :-)

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