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Tomorrow we have only a half-day of school. Why, you ask? Because the Navy is having something called a "day of caring" in conjunction with the United Way. All the students here at NNPTC will be going to various places around Charleston and performing "volunteer" work. (I use the quotes because that really isn't a good word for it, since we're being ordered to do it.) My class will be removing stickers from signs, lamp posts, and parking meters in downtown Charleston.

Big weekend of studying on tap. Basic Electricity exam 4 is mostly definitions, which are my weak point among the material we've covered thus far.

I still am not used to having a cell phone. I keep forgetting to take it with me. This is not always a bad thing, since we're not allowed to bring them into the school building.

It's been a quiet night, since my roommate has been asleep in his rack since 2000 (he's sick). [that's 8:00 PM, not the year two thousand.] It's not a good thing that he's sick, especially with the possibility that I could catch whatever he's got, but I am enjoying the side benefit.

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